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Honey: 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

We all grew up with raw honey around us, being somewhat of a sweet delicacy with a strong history of use behind it. However, the consumption of honey keeps continuously dropping, in place of sweeteners such as sugar, but to our chagrin.

Honey, consumed raw without preservatives or additives, is the best sweetener you can make use of, as it can heal what ails us. For comparison on average people eat less than one pound of honey yearly, while the average table sugar and glucose intake stands at more than 100 pounds per year. Staggering right? It should be alarming, as one of the causes of our poor health slaps us in the face daily, but yet we don’t realize it. Make a goal of increasing honey consumption today, and gradually phasing out table sugar.

Looking at the nutrition data of honey, it looks quite unimpressive. However, as it has proven, its utility stems from the presence of its numerous bio-active compounds and not actual nutrition data as you will see.

Does it have other assorted vitamins and minerals? Absolutely- their levels are just extremely low and do not warrant inclusion in the list below.

Nutrition Facts Per 100g Serving Size

Nutrition Facts


  • Total Carbohydrates-81g
  • Sugars-80g
  • Choline2.2mg

So what are the health benefits of raw honey? Here are the list.


1. Honey Can Help You Lose Weight


If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, table sugar won’t help get you there. For a number of reasons, honey should be your preferred sugar, since among many other things it does not cause a harsh blood sugar spike. When blood sugar levels increase, insulin is recruited in an effort to transport the glucose out of the blood stream. Once insulin is present in the blood, fat burning is shut down. Raw honey also helps retain the sensitivity of the hormones ghrelin and leptin, keep to regulating normal appetite.


2. Honey Can Help Manage Allergies


Seasonal allergies are a major pain for many people, especially since no real cures exist. However, good old raw honey can probably help rid you of these allergies for good. The way how honey does this is by stimulating your body’s own immune system. Initially, consuming the honey will result in in mild allergies itself, as it contains traces of bee pollen, a frequent cause of allergies. However, by consistently consuming it despite the minor effects, you build desensitization to the pollen and effects disappear altogether. This makes honey an important food to consume in the fight against allergies and asthma


3. Honey Promotes Restful Sleep



If you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, honey could be just what the doctor ordered. As it turns out, hunger is a major cause of sleeplessness, which can be overcome by saturating your liver with glycogen. This relays to the body that you are well fed and facilitates sleep. Honey also stimulates the release of melatonin, which enhances sleep and recovery. Low melatonin secretion impairs restorative sleep and hampers repair of tissues and explains why you can feel tired after getting a full night’s sleep.


4. Raw Honey Speeds Up Recovery


Honey has been used since time immemorial for treating wounds and speeding healing as it is known to have anti-bacterial effects. Honey dressings are now a common treatment used for managing open wounds and diabetic ulcers which are notoriously difficult to treat. While the exact mechanisms could be related to its immune promoting effect, it is more likely due to the fact that honey and body fluids produce hydrogen peroxide from the reaction between them. This makes the wound inhospitable to bacteria and trigger their death.


5. Raw Honey Can Help Manage Diabetes


Even though it may sound strange to hear of a seemingly sugary food which helps diabetes, honey is not your typical carbohydrate. For one, honey results in a much lower elevation of blood glucose levels, which requires less insulin to facilitate its uptake. Plus, if insulin secretion itself is a problem, honey can also help out, as it increases insulin secretion mildly. Better yet? Try combining honey with cinnamon, as this spice possesses unique blood sugar lowering abilities as well. Cinnamon helps offset the slight elevation in blood sugar that honey brings about, making it a truly low impact sugar.


6. Honey Can Provide An Efficient High Energy Fuel


Honey consists primarily of simple sugars, along with numerous vitamins and minerals. This put it at least on par with pure glucose as an energy source, and possibly even better as the vitamins and minerals could further performance. Energy gels which are frequently consumed by cyclists and other endurance athletes are basically pure glucose, but honey performs just as well. In fact, honey is the preferred food when it comes to replenishing liver glycogen after your workout, so make full use of it.


7.  Raw Honey Suppresses Coughs



Is it a mere coincidence that many cough syrups contain honey as an ingredient? Absolutely not, as it is well documented to be able to suppress coughs with high efficiency. Honey is able to soothe irritated throats, reducing the likelihood of a dry cough, but also thins mucus and promotes its expulsion. That is the definition of an expectorant and something honey does very well.


8. Raw Honey Promotes Gut Health


Raw honey is actually a probiotic, as there are strains of bacteria such as lactobacillus present in it. These probiotic bacteria are absolutely essential for our good health, as well as proper digestion of various foods we eat. This also decreases the likelihood of developing stomach ulcers as well by reducing colonies of Pylori bacteria.


9. Raw Honey Helps Combat Cancer


Cancer cells feed on glucose, which I what honey contains, but it is not a particular problem. Why? Because honey is also loaded with phenol like compounds, along with flavonols and other compounds that have a suppressing effect on cells that have cancerous potential. Plus, honey is rich in many other anti-oxidants that prevent free radicals from causing excessive damage to healthy cells.


10. Raw Honey Prevents Candidiasis


Honey has anti-microbial properties, which inhibits both bacteria and fungi. Fungi are opportunistic organisms that attack and rapidly reproduce when the conditions are right; in this case when the immune system is suppressed. These fungi such as candida, are known for causing adverse effects ranging from vaginal yeast infections, to skin rashes, thrush in the mouth and more. Though honey doesn’t eliminate these fungi, they do prevent their overgrowth and boost the body’s natural probiotic cultures.


11. Raw Honey Can Prevent Heart Disease


Honey possesses natural anti-oxidants that reduce the development of atherosclerosis, but that is not the primary way it prevents heart disease. No, actually it is through its protective anti-bacterial effect in the mouth. Poor oral health has been associated with increased incidence of heart disease as all sorts of bacteria can easily enter the blood stream from open lesions in the mouth. However, honey has an enzyme that enables the production of hydrogen peroxide when it comes into contact with bodily fluids, giving it an antiseptic effect when it encounters bacteria. You can either try enhanced toothpastes made with Manuka honey, or simply rub some on the gum line after brushing. It is a delicious win-win that you should take advantage of every chance you get!

Raw Honey benefits

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6 Free Language of Desire That Makes A Man Yours

                  6 Language of Desire That Turns The Love Tap of a Man                  (Your Love Life Will Change For The Better)

When it comes to men it can be easy to think that they simply just have an on and off switch when it comes to their desires, however that isn’t strictly true and when it isn’t you are going to need to know the Six Free Language of Desire Phrases that will knock your man’s socks right off. Before you start to get worried though, be rest assured that the Free Language of Desire doesn’t actually mean you have to say anything dirty, although being dirty can help. According to Felicity Keith, author of Language of Desire, a relationship program that teaches even the shyest woman how to turn a man on and make him desire and love you without even touching him, learning how to satisfy your man both in and out of the bedroom can be the difference between and exciting love adventure versus a boring relationship where your man is with you and still thinks of other ladies. Language of Desire provides women with dirty talk techniques that will make you the only fantasy of your man, the only one he wants and desires to be with forever.

So here are some Free Language of Desire that even the shyest, most reserved woman can start using on her man right away. To learn more Free Language of Desire Click Here 

1. “You Smell Delicious”

Men are in most cases just as self-conscious as women and if they try something new, then they want to know whether it has worked or not. This means that if you notice your man has changed to a different cologne or body spray then you should complement him, make sure that he knows you have noticed. Showing your man that you notice the little things can really boostSmell Love his confidence and telling him that you like the changes can only boost it more.

Men crave for a woman’s approval and one coming from his love or partner is most desirable. Noticing how good your man smells and complimenting it, is an ego booster. And if he doesn’t smell that good at the moment, just telling him “You Smell Delicious” will inspire him to do his best to always smell nice to the aim of pleasing you.

2. “I Want You Bad”

Sometimes men can feel as though they want sex a lot more than women do. This means that sometimes men can feel a little uncertain about making the first move, especially if you are not giving away any signs of wanting it. Men typically aren’t great at picking up on subtle hints either, so if you want your man to know that you want him, then tell him in the most straight I want you badforward way you can. Your man will love to hear that you want him and it will do nothing but get his motor running.

Telling a man “I Want You Bad” especially your spouse or partner is the most effectively way to hook your man, he can hardly resist you. That statement will remain in his mind all through the day and you will remain in his mind as well. To use this effective, try it out using the The Pavlov’s Erection Technique and watch his love and desire for you increase with each passing day.

3. “I want you to touch me”

Again sometimes men don’t feel very comfortable making the first move or exploring their woman’s body but a little reassurance can go a long way. If you want your partner to touch you Love Languagesomewhere then take control and ask him to do it. Your man will love the fact that you know what you want but he will love it more than he has permission to touch you in places that he might otherwise have felt too uncomfortable to touch.

There is no need being shy about your sexual desires or needs. To have a fulfilling sexual life requires both partner’s need to be met. Men love it when their partner is sexually satisfied. However, because women has several needs, telling a man where and how to touch you not only help him met your needs but also encourage him to explore your sexuality the more. To learn how you can move from a shy, reserved, low confident woman to a sexual super woman, listen to Felicity Keith on How to Become a Sexual Super Woman

4. “You are huge”

It isn’t a very well-kept secret that men are self-conscious of the size of their tackle and this does mean the job of reassuring falls to you. Obviously you don’t want to straight out lie about how impressed you are but make sure that he knows you are more than happy with what he has to offer. If a man doesn’t feel confident then this can really reflect in his actions and performance, so make sure that your man feels like the best and then you know you will only get the best in return.

If you are wondering how best to see this to him or the various variety you can use without sounding off track then learn more with The Lust Mirror Phrase

5. “You make me tremble”

If your man is trying something new, then don’t just be quiet about it. Boost their confidence by telling them that you love it. Tell them just how much you like something, describe in detail about how it makes you feel and watch your man as he goes weak at the knees. All men love to hear that they are doing a good job but all men love it more when they know exactly why they are doing a good job.

Try The Tease Intensifier if you are not too sure how this will go down or too shy to say it to your man.

6. “Take me now”

Men don’t like to be the ones to always initiate the intimate times and this can mean that sometimes they don’t act when they really want to. Telling your man that you want him but not only that, that you want him now, is the perfect way to get his motor started. Men love to hear that they are needed and wanted and when it comes to their bedroom activities they can’t helpLove More but get a blood rush when they are told that you desire them. Telling your man that you want him right here and now will send a rush of excitement through him that can only and will only come out in one way. This Free Language of Desire Phrase should only be used as if you actually mean it, otherwise your man might end up feeling disappointed and rejected.

It may sound weird at the beginning but the more you say it and get in to it the better it becomes. Your man will respond in sure a way that you will be encourage to do more and say more to him which will in turn bring out the best in him and inspire him to love, adore, cherish you the more.

In conclusion

If you want to use these Free Language of Desire to get your man going then you should be as direct as possible about what you want and like. Telling your man directly removes any confusion or embarrassment they might feel about doing certain things and it can really drive your man wild to know that you want him just as much as he wants you. Men like to think in pictures and the more graphic you are with your requests; the more eager he will be to fulfil them. It’s important to remember however that you should only do what you feel comfortable doing, if you are not comfortable being graphic with your language of desire then don’t be, as your discomfort will outshine anything else that you might be saying.

To learn more on how your can visually use these Free Language of Desire Phrases and achieve outstanding results with your man or any man you have affection for. Click here and watch Felicity Keith share Her story




Examples of Stroke by Stroke – How To Give A Hand Job

Stroke By Stroke by Michael Webb is a system that teaches you How To Give A Hand Job. It’s a manual that reveals to you all you need to know about giving a man the best Hand Job that will leave him satisfied, fulfilled and asking for more of your love. Stroke By Stroke is not just a book about Hand Job, it’s a resources material through the whole process of a good romantic time with your man that ends in the perfect hand job and sex afterward. It takes you from what you ABSOLUTELY must do before you even get close to his member to Which common lubricant can have DISASTROUS results in certain circumstances, Which 3 positions and locations almost all men have fantasized about and much more.

Would you like your man to fall passionately in love with you over and over and over again? Would you want him to be so addicted and connected to you that he’ll never have any desire to touch or even look at another woman? A heavenly hand job can do all that and Stroke By Stroke by Michael Webb teaches you exactly how to to give your man a mind blowing hand job that will leave him deeply in love with you and the things you do.

Stroke by Stroke

SPECIAL NOTICE : This is a review of Stroke by Stroke – How To Give A Hand Job by Michael Webb and the review are based on our assessment and feedback from other users and as such, results may vary depending on individual user. If you are looking for the official website so you can purchase the book directly from Michael Webb and qualify for a special discount and 60-day money back guarantee plus all bonus materials, Kindly head to Stroke by Stroke DownloadThe Language of Desire
In this Stroke by Stroke Review, we would be looking at what is Stroke by Stroke book? Who is the author and why should you listen to him, what does the program covers, will the book really teach you how to perform hand job on your man and make him ask for more of your love? And finally should you buy the program. To begin, here is a quick overview of the program.

  • Product Name : Stroke by StrokeStroke by Stroke Download
  • Product Creator : Michael Webb
  • Official Website : Stroke by Stroke Website
  • Product Warranty : “60 Days Money Back Guarantee”
  • Delivery Time period : Instant Delivery
  • Delivery Method : Online Access and Downloadable PDF
  • Bonus Offer : How To Give Your Partner Great Massages, 101 Romantic Ideas, 53 Sexy Coupons, How To Make His Hand/Blow Job Unforgettable.
  • Description : Reveals powerful tips you can use to give your partner intoxicating pleasure so that he’ll passionately fall in love with you and NEVER want to let me go.

What is Stroke by Stroke – How To Give A Hand Job?

Stroke by Stroke System is a program that teaches you powerful tips, techniques and tactic you can use to give your partner intoxicating pleasure that will leave him passionately in love with you and only you, holding on to you and NEVER letting you go.

Created by Michael Webb, an author and relationship coach, who has appeared on over 500 radio and television shows including Oprah, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, NBC News, 700 Club, The Other Half, Iyanla, To Tell the Truth and FOX News. He has been featured in practically every major newspaper in the United States and is regularly mentioned in the nation’s top magazines like Men’s Health, Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan, New Man, Women’s Day, Family Circle and dozens others.

Stroke by Stroke is a combination of Michael Webb experience as a relationship expert and feedback from over 100,000 men who shared their personal view and preference on their favorite position, techniques and locations to receive hand jobs. It provides you with an inside access to what kind of touch drives insane pleasure in a man and the specific spot in between a man’s leg that makes him weak in pleasure and love.

Click Here For Instant Access To Download Stroke by Stroke BookThe Language of Desire

What Does Stroke by Stroke – How To Give A Hand Job Cover?

How To Give A Hand Job Stroke by Stroke by Michael Webb first help you discover the sensual side of your man and then gives you tips and techniques you can use to give him the most erotic, pleasure flooding feeling he can ever get from a Hand Job. The secret to a perfect Hand Job is first understanding the wants and desires of your man so that you can personalize his experience. After uncovering his desires, Stroke by Stroke teaches you how to discover his sweet spots, those spot between his legs that when stimulated easily leave him moaning in pleasure on every of your touch and make him addicted to you and your hands.

In Stroke by Stroke system, you’ll learn the 3 things you should do before you even touch him to make sure the experience will be beyond his wildest dreams, the best strokes and positions to make him come faster so you don’t get cramps in your hands, what to whisper in his ear that will make him enjoy the experience 5X’s more.

In additional, Michael will show you exactly what you ABSOLUTELY must do before you even get close to his member, the very BEST lubricant for almost all hand jobs. Use the wrong one and his satisfaction will drop precipitously, which three position and location almost all men have fantasized about and that will leave your man’s mind flooded with emotions of love and appreciation. Also you will learn the three easy way to “warm him up” that will leave him not only hard and strong, but will also drive his testosterone level high and prepare him for a wonderful sex if you so desire.

In Giving a Hand Job, it’s important to understand that every man has this “secret spot” a very highly erogenous spots that he is most likely completely unaware of. Touch this when he is about to come and he’ll shoot for longer and farther than he has in a long, long time.

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Should You Buy Stroke by Stroke System?

There is no doubt that better sex enhances a relationship and being a woman who understands and knows how to give your man mind blowing sex session no doubt puts you at the center of his thought. He’ll not only commit to be with you, but he will do everything in his power to prove that to you. Most women don’t know the act of giving a man the best Hand Job of his life and there is no better way than learning from an expert and bestselling author of 19 books on sex, love, romance and relationships.

If you are looking at improving your relationship by improving sexual skills and learning how to please your man both on and off the bed, this is the best program to teach you that. If you are too shy to ask for help from your man and want to figure everything on your own, Stroke by Stroke provides you exactly that and much more. Learn How To Give A Hand Job to your man with Stroke by Stroke by Michael Webb

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