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7 Things A Man Only Does If He’s Serious About You – He Likes You

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It can be difficult sometimes to know where a relationship is going, whether it is getting serious and what your man really thinks about you. All too often you might find yourself wondering whether you man is as serious about you, as you are about him or whether he is just going with the flow. It can be tempting to have the talk, to see what he has to say, but you don’t want to come across as too forward, you don’t want to push him away before he gets close. So how can you be sure that he is serious about you? How can you tell, without asking him? What are the signs that you should be looking for?

1. He introduces you to his friends

A man’s friends are some of the most important people in his life. He might have had a string of girlfriends or even one night stands before you, but he won’t have introduced them to his friends. Men only introduce girls who they think they have a future with to their mates. So if you have met his friends or he is talking about you meeting his friends, then this is a really good sign that he is serious about you and the future you might both have.

2. Introduces you to his parents

Whilst a man’s friends might be some of the most important people in his life, there are certain people, who are even more important, and that’s his parents. A man would never introduce a fling to his mother, nor would he introduce a girl who he didn’t see as future wife material. So if you have met his parents or he is arranging a meet up, then you can be rest assured that he is not only serious about you, but he can also see a future between you too.

3. Calls you his girl

A really easy way to tell what your man thinks about you is by paying attention, to how he introduces you to people. If your man doesn’t introduce you when he runs into people he knows, then this isn’t a good sign. However if your man not only introduces you but also refers to you as his partner, or his girl, then this is a great sign that he is proud to call you his and that he is serious about the commitment he has made to you.

4. Doesn’t flirt with other girls

If a man isn’t serious about the girl in his life, then he will see no issue with flirting with others. You might notice that he has a wondering eye, or that he has a lot of girls messaging him on social networking sites. This will all stop however if he becomes serious about a girl. He will devote all his attention to her and will make her feel like the only girl in his world. If your man has ditched all the other women in his life for you, then this is a great sign that he is getting serious about you.

5. He defends you

Men who are serious about their partners will always defend them, irrelevant to whether they are in the right or wrong. A man’s natural instinct is to look after the woman in his life, so if you have gotten yourself into trouble and your man comes to your rescue, then you know that he not only sees you as his girl but also that he is serious about taking care of you and making sure that you are alright.

6. He doesn’t avoid the talks

One of the biggest reasons that men avoid emotional talks is that, they are worried that they will say the wrong thing, or hurt you with the truth. This normally means that what he has to say isn’t what you want to hear. If however your man is willing to sit down and talk about where your relationship is going, or about the future, then the likelihood is he is serious about you and wants you to know about it.

7. He doesn’t play games

Sometimes men play games to keep people at arm’s reach. This is because they don’t want the girl to get too attached or they don’t want to get attached to the girl. It’s kind of like their inbuilt defence system, which keeps them safe from getting hurt. The thing is though, that if a man is serious about a girl, then he wouldn’t dream of playing games with her. In fact he will do everything he can to prove that he is serious and that his feelings are straight forward about her. If your man used to play games but has since stopped, or has never played games with you, then you know he is serious about both you and your future together.

In Conclusion

If a man is serious about a girl, then he will do everything he can, to make that girl feel special, secure and loved. This means that there are always clear signs as to whether he believes that you both have future. If you are reluctant to ask him straight out, then your best bet of knowing, is by looking out for this signs. If you look for these signs and you don’t see any of them, then perhaps you might want to revaluate where the relationship is going and how you feel about him. If you are certain that you want to be with him, but the signs aren’t there, then your only real choices are either to wait it out and see whether the signs start appearing, or talk to him about it and be upfront about what you want. If he doesn’t want the same things, then whilst it might be hurtful to find out, at least you know and you can take the time to recover and move on. You don’t want to invest your time in somebody who only sees you as a bit of fun or a fling, you are worth much more than that.
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7 Things A Man Only Does If He’s Serious About You

13 Zodiac Signs

There are 13 Zodiac Signs : NASA Changes Horoscope Dates New Ophiuchus

Your Zodiac sign might have changed for good. Yes!! according to available information, NASA recently updated the astrological signs for the first time in 2,000 years. The implication of this is that a whopping 86% now have a different zodiac sign. While life will go on, for most people who take pride in their zodiac signs like me a (pieces) and the many people who have tattooed their zodiac sign this will not only come as a shock but also an irritation.

According to NASA, here is what happened.

The world has changed really fast and 3,000 years ago, astronomers didn’t totally understand how the Earth, Sun and Starts navigate. The discoveries of recent centuries has showed that the earth is vast and as such the 12-month calendar (based on the phases of the moon) developed by the Babylonians by dividing the sky into 12 equal parts from looking at 12 distinct constellations by which the sun travels over the course of a year no longer hold true.

Still confused?

The radical change is due to the fact that the sky today is extremely different from what it used to be thousands of year ago and the Earth’s axis no longer point in the same direction. The Babylonians intentional left out Ophiuchus (the new zodiac sign) in order to make a tidy match with their 12-month calendar, ignoring the facts that the sun actually moves through 13 constellations and not 12.

NASA decided to do the math and here are the 13 Zodiac signs.

13 Zodiac Signs

Photo courtesy of NASA

Capricorn: Jan 20 – Feb 16

Aquarius: Feb 16 – March 11

Pisces: March 11 – April 18

Aries: April 18 – May 13

Taurus: May 13 – June 21

Gemini: June 21 – July 20

Cancer: July 20 – Aug 10

Leo: Aug 10 – Sept 16

Virgo: Sept 16 – Oct 30

Libra: Oct 30 – Nov 23

Scorpio: Nov 23 – Nov 29

Ophiuchus: Nov 29 – Dec 17

Sagittarius: Dec 17 – Jan 20

While this changes nothing, for everyone who has relied in the zodiac sign for either inspiration, love or fortune forecast this will be upsetting. What’s your new Zodiac sign?

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couples and parents

7 Reasons why it’s important to put your spouse before anybody else

A marriage changes everything, when it comes to the dynamics of your family. The biggest change of course is that you have promised to honour and respect another person for the rest of your life and this means that you must put them first, irrelevant to the situation. You need to put your faith into their decisions and you need to place their needs, as your own priorities. Sometimes it can be easy to take your spouse for granted, especially when they are always there for you, but if you don’t learn to put your spouse before everybody else, then you might find yourself in a marriage that has some major issues.

1. Your spouse should always feel respected

Before you got married you might have asked your parents for advice about certain life choices. Your parents are always a good choice when it comes to good advice, as they always want what is best for you and they have probably been through similar situations themselves. After you get married it’s still okay to run things passed your parents, but when it comes to the final say, then it should be between you and your spouse. If you choose your parents advice over your spouse’s then this shows a huge level of disrespect to them and doubt in their ability to make good decisions.

2. You have dedicated your life to them

Marriage is a huge commitment, because you are taking responsibility for another person’s happiness and that is something, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. When it comes to marriage you need to ensure that you are always making choices that your spouse is happy about. If your spouse is unhappy with your choices then you are going to need to find a compromise. You might be tempted to call for backup in the form of your parents, so that your partner will listen to your side of the story, but this is something, which should stay between the two of you.

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3. You need to have faith

If you find that you have been given conflicting advice about something, then you should always put your spouse’s above everybody else’s. If you have married a person, then you are trusting them to stay with you for the rest of your life, you are trusting them to be your partner in your new family and you are trusting them to possibly become the parent to your children, this means that you already have a lot of faith in them and this shouldn’t be a time when there is an exception to this rule.

4. You need to be growing together

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes that, is something, which cannot be escaped from. That doesn’t mean however that all hope is lost, in fact, it means quite the opposite. A marriage a chance for two people to spend their years growing together and learning together, if you want your spouse to feel, as though they are growing with you, then you need to ensure that they feel, as though they are equal to you.

5. They are your family now

Your family are the people who will always be in your life. They are the people who you love unconditionally and who you forgive, always, even if they have done something to hurt you. This is what your spouse is to you now. All too often people see divorce, as an easy alternative to sorting out their issues, when in fact, what they should be doing is seeing their spouse, as they see the rest of their family. A wedding is the union of two families and that is something, which is often forgotten.

6. You need to get things wrong together

It doesn’t matter whether your spouse gave you some bad advice, or whether you gave them some. Sometimes we get things wrong and, as a married couple, you need to support each other through these failures, instead of scoring against each other. You need to make sure that you always put your spouse before your ego.

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7. You need to remain loyal, always

A good marriage is built on a solid foundation of not only trust, but loyalty too. If you are dedicating your life to another person, which is what marriage is, then you should be doing it wholeheartedly and completely. It isn’t fair to expect your spouse to be faithful to you, when you are not being faithful to them. If you want a marriage that can stand the tests of time, then you need to make sure that your bond of trust is never broken and that even if you make a mistake, you tell the truth and allow the consequences to happen without lies.

In conclusion

It can be easy to take your spouse for granted, especially after you have been married for a while. The thing is though that you spouse is the one person, who you should be appreciating more than anybody else, including your friends and your parents. Your spouse is the person who has promised to love you unconditionally without any ties forcing them to do so, they are the people who have agreed to care for you in sickness and in health and these are the people who have agreed to stand by your side, no matter what situation you might find yourself in. If there was ever a person who deserved to receive your full attention, then it is your spouse.

If you find yourself constantly neglecting your spouse, then you might find that one day, they stop caring too and when both of you have stopped caring, your marriage won’t have a chance of improving. A marriage takes constant work from both sides and if you are not willing to put in your fair share, then perhaps, you shouldn’t have dedicated your life to somebody. Being married means that you are willing to be selfless when it comes to your spouse and you should always remember that.
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Make Your Relationship Work – Free eBook Download

Make Your Relationship Work Free eBook

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