7 Obsession Love Phrases That Make a Man Fall In Love With You

Obsession Phrases

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It might come to you as a surprise but it isn’t just women who need to be reassured with love phrases, often men can be just as insecure and unsure as their female counterparts. When it comes to love, men tend to act all manly and emotionally strong. While this mean seem nice to an extent (as no one wants an emotionally weak, crying man) when it comes to mutual love, it takes an emotional man to be romantic, loving, caring and above all able to show appreciation and return the love extended towards him by his partner. Men need motivation and inspiration, and Obsession Phrases are the triggers that gets the juice of love flowing.

According to Kelsey Diamond, there Obsession Phrases that every man desire to hear, these words are not just phrases but phrases mixed with strong emotions that a man cannot resist. Men find women who can verbally express themselves not only sexy but very attractive and words have been proven to be an avenue to unlock the love valve of a man. Men most times are in secure and for you to get a man permanently hooked to you will require the extra mile from you. So what are these obsession phrases? and which ones can you start using on your man right away?.  Here are 7 Obsession Phrases that will work on your man.

Emotional Triggers – Love Phrases That Makes a Man Fall in Love

Emotional Triggers are essential phrases that triggers the emotional part of any man. These are words that stimulates the desire part of a man and leaves him wanting, needing and showing affection towards you. These words are carefully crafted to trigger uncontrollable urge that leaves a man in tuned spirit soul and body towards another person most especially a lady. These Love Phrases are simple yet powerful words that make any man rearrange his life just to be with a lady. Learn more about Emotional Triggers OR continue reading for some examples.

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1. Attraction Spinner Phrase – “I Want You”

If you want to help your man with his insecurities then nothing will work more than telling him that you want him. Men can sometimes feel as though they are pestering women when it comes to things like sex, which means that they might feel uncomfortable bringing the subject up or touching you without invitation. Telling a man that you want him is the perfect way to put his mind at ease and let him know that you desire him to an equal amount. Try attraction spinner phrase today and watch your man desire you ever more everyday.

Examples of Obsession Phrases by Kelsey Diamond

2. Razzle Dazzle Phrase – “Have You Been Working Out?”

Every man wants to know that his woman finds him attractive and often men can be equally if not more body conscious than women. You can’t compliment a man in the same way that you might compliment a women though and this is why “have you been working out?” is such a perfect love phrase to use, even if you know your man hasn’t seen a gym in years. It proves that you have really looked at them and you are impressed with what you see. Here are some other razzle dazzle phrase that helps your man’s ego.

3. Razzle Dazzle Phrase – “Have You Grown?”

It isn’t the size it is how you use it right, is the best known lie that has ever been told. The fact is that it doesn’t matter how big your man’s tackle is, they will always be worried that you have either seen bigger or that they are not satisfying you enough. Asking your man during intercourse whether his tackle has grown is a great love phrase that will really boost not only his ego but his performance too. This razzle dazzle phrase work perfectly well for men who are self conscious of how big it’s down there or how well you feel them. Using this phrase will not only please your man but make him happy and ready to please you more.

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4. Secret Obsession Phrase – I Love It When You Do That

Men can sometimes be a little unsure and clumsy when it comes to a woman’s body. Telling your man that you like what he is doing will help to boost his confidence in the bedroom and it will also encourage him to try and do it again. Often women can be a little closed off when it comes to sex and this makes it a lot harder on the man to try and get it right, so using little love phrases during the action can really bring your man’s game back on track. This secret obsession phrase has been proven to work especially when it comes improving the sexual experience between partners.

5. Monogamy Awakener Phrase – “You Make Me Feel Safe”

Every man has an alpha dog inside of him that reaches out whenever there is danger. If you are a strong independent woman then at times you might forget about your partner’s need and urge to look after and protect you. This can often make a man feel like he isn’t doing enough and that can really knock his confidence. Telling your man that he makes you feel safe is a great way of telling him that you are doing it right and it is defiantly a love phrase that your man will want to hear. If you want your man to be committed to you and you alone, monogamy awakener phrase is what you need to start using on him.

6. Everlasting Attraction Phrase – “I’m Your Woman”

It has never been easier to get in touch with people; the internet has become a breeding ground for communication for both those you know and those you don’t. If your man is the jealous type or the type to feel inferior to others then reassure him. Tell him that you are his and no one else’s. This simple love phrase can really change the way that a man feels about his partner. It shows that you are dedicated to him and him alone. Everlasting attraction phrase is what you need if you want your man to take his eyes off other women.

7. Love Cocktail phrase – “I love you”

The ultimate love phrase that any man wants to hear from his woman is of course that you love him. Although words must always be backed up by actions, this simple phrase can really show a person just how much they mean to you. Men might not be known for their deep talks about feelings but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any and it certainly doesn’t mean that they want to be kept in the dark about yours. Love cocktail phrase is the the phrase you need to be using on your man every day.

In conclusion

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that the man in the relationship needs reassurance and affection too but that doesn’t make it any less true. If you think that your man has been down recently and it is because you haven’t been paying enough attention then use one or more of these love phrases to set his mind back at ease, after all if you really love your man, then why wouldn’t you want him to be as confident and happy as possible?

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Hero Instinct Phrases – How To Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

What is The Hero Instinct? If you’re suffering in a relationship with your man because he’s not making plans to commit to you, even though he says he loves you, I know how you feel. It’s horribly confusing when the man we dream of spending forever with tells us he’s not sure, or not ready, or needs to get his life somehow “in order” before taking that step with us. There is a secret to getting a man to sit up and become a man, a hero and you can do that by triggering his hero instincts.

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The hero instinct is something all men have buried deep within their DNA. It pulls them toward relationship situations that make them feel like a hero. But it’s more than that. It goes to the deepest desire all people feel. The desire for meaning and purpose. You see, unlike women, men don’t automatically get their need met for meaning and fulfillment just by being in a relationship

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How To Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

Women are taught to “work” at a relationship, because we assume men don’t want to do any work. We think we need to do more to create the intimacy and connection we want. The truth is that what does work is being totally authentic, totally you, totally speaking the truth WITHOUT making him responsible for anything you feel – and yet, at the same time keeping your heart completely open and warm to him such that you give him permission to take up responsibility, arousing the hero instinct within him.

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The Hero Instinct is that instinct in a man to rise up to the occasion and commit to caring, loving, protecting, providing and creating a long lasting relationship with his woman. It’s the instinct that when arouse makes a man feel the need to be the doer, not just the talker.

Hero Instinct Phrases & Hero Instinct Secret Signal

A man falls in love with you because he knows he can be himself around you. He falls in love with you because he feels SAFE expressing his innermost, private feelings with you.
He knows that you can handle your feelings. He can sense that. And because he senses that at the most unconscious level, he starts to long for your company, for your touch, for your affection. He may not even know why he feels this way.

The Hero Instinct Signal is the verbal and non verbal signal you can send to a man using phrases designed to affects a man’s psychological mind. Such phrases triggers feelings of love, devotion, attention and commitment to his mind

All he knows is that there’s something special about you that he doesn’t feel with any other woman in his life. He wants to take you in his arms and keep you forever. The Hero Instinct Phrases are simply phrases that brings out the hero in your man or any man and make him want to be yours and yours alone. He steps up and claim you as his woman. Here are some Hero Instinct Phrases you can use on your man today to make him committed to you and your relationship. Click Here

How To Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

Triggering the hero instinct in a man is more act than science, however there is a psychology to it and that’s where most women fail. Men naturally are not wired like women and as such, they don’t think like women. Learning how to read a man’s mind is the first step to triggering the hero instinct in your man. Unlike what most people think, men are hugely affected by words. The kind of words you use on your man will determine if he will step up and be the hero or if he will just pull away.

In his book What Men Secretly Want James Bauer the author explains the secret psychology that any woman can use to trigger the hero instinct in man and make him not only fall in love, but stay committed and rise up to defend the relationship, giving his very best and staying away from any other woman.

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The Hero Instinct





11 Ways you are being unfaithful to your spouse and you don’t even know it

When people talk about being unfaithful, your mind instantly jumps to the idea of cheating, but it doesn’t always mean that. In fact, there are many things that someone could do, which would be considered, as being unfaithful and some of them might shock you!

1. White lies

Okay, so you know that it’s wrong to lie right, but a little white lie can’t hurt, can it? The simple answer to that is yes, if you have a reason to lie about something then you are being unfaithful to your spouse. A marriage should have an open and truthful dialogue at all times, as soon, as you introduce lies, even if they are only small, you are asking for trouble. A marriage’s foundations are built on trust and the one sure way to break trust is to be caught out when lying.

2. Flirting with intention

It is okay to flirt occasionally, but only when there is no intention to pursue anything further. Flirting with intention when you are married isn’t okay to do, ever. Even if you don’t pursue the person you are flirting with, you did have the intention and that is just as bad. Imagine how your spouse would feel if they ever found out about those intentions and imagine how you would feel if it was the other way round.

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3. Dressing to impress

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel confident and for many people; a nice outfit can help boost the image that you have of yourself. If you want to dress up then you shouldn’t be letting anything hold you back, but you have to consider the reasoning behind you wanting to. If it is for your own self confidence then that’s fine, if it’s for your spouse then it is fine, but if you are dressing to impress someone else then this is essentially being unfaithful to your spouse. As a person who is married, you shouldn’t have the desire for others to want you.

4. Lying about who you are with

If you are spending time with a person that you know your spouse doesn’t like, or wouldn’t like should they know about them, then you really shouldn’t be lying about it, especially if there really isn’t anything going on. If your spouse finds out that you have been lying, then they will not believe that the meetings were innocent and will accuse you of being unfaithful. If you know that the person you are with will cause arguments between you are your spouse, then you should really consider the value of seeing the person in question.

5. Avoiding the question

If your spouse is asking you about somebody or something that you have done, then avoiding the questions is just, as bad, as lying about them. A lot of people think that if they don’t answer the questions directly then they will be able to escape the blame of an indiscretion, but this is simply untrue and can cause a lot of problems down the line. If you find yourself not wanting to tell the truth, then you need to consider why that is.

6. Feelings for another

You may not have touched another person since you got married, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t been unfaithful. In fact, you can cheat on a person emotionally just, as easily, as you might cheat on a person physically. The thing is that emotional cheating can often be something that really does cause marriages to crash and burn, because you have created a bond with another person and that’s something, which is hard to break.

7. Sending XXX rated messages

The digital world can be a confusing place, as the lines between reality and fiction become blurred into one cramped little screen. The important thing to remember though is whilst you might have not even have met the person you are speaking to, the conversations you are having with this person are real and real feelings can occur from these situations.

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8. Sending revealing images

The same rules apply as X rated messages. It doesn’t matter whether you have intentions to meet these people or not, it isn’t okay to send revealing images of yourself. You should try putting yourself into your spouse’s shoes and imagine how they might feel, should they find out about it.

9. Not disclosing the fact that you are married

You don’t have to tell every person you meet that you are married, but should the situation come up when it’s appropriate to tell a person, then you should. If you deliberately hide the fact that you are married, then you need to ask yourself why you have done this and what intentions you have for doing it. If you find yourself hiding the fact then you are married, then that probably means that you have intentions in pursuing the person in question and that isn’t okay.

10. Take your wedding band off

When you took your vows you promised to love and cherish you spouse forever and to symbolize that commitment you exchanged rings. These rings should be seldom taken off. If you find yourself taking off your wedding ring for nights out or because you don’t want a certain person to see it, then you again, need to consider what that is. What would you feel like if your spouse took their wedding band off to go on a night out? Would it make you feel insecure?

11. Two way street

Whenever you do something, you should always consider whether you would be happy with your spouse doing it. If you wouldn’t be comfortable with them doing it, then you probably should be doing it either.

In conclusion

If you want to be faithful to your partner, then you need to make sure that you only have eyes for them. It’s okay to occasionally have a wondering thought, but if these become frequent and you find yourself with intentions or in situations that you need to lie or hide, then you might be being unfaithful without you even knowing that you are.
The Language of Desire

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